Projections 7/1/2020

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We will be closed Saturday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day.

Our  next big event day? Rodman Comics Day! On Saturday, July 18th we will have auctions, 20 percent off on everything  not already discounted and fun for all! For Rodman Comics Day, every comic bought (of $3.99 or greater value) will be matched by a comic we have pulled behind the counter. There will be a wide range of comics to match the wide diverse reading interests of our customers. Spider-man comics, Superman comics, older comics, newer comics, variant comics and more. On  Rodman Comics Day we will have a coupon for everyone who buys something. Bring the coupon back the following Saturday, July 25th and you'll have a chance to take home one of ten free gift bags or a graded comic. We will rock you!

Currently our hours are Friday's noon to 8, Saturdays 11am to 7 pm, Sundays noon to 5. Tuesdays 5:30 to 8, and Wednesdays 11am to 8pm.

Magic the Gatherings newest set is a hit! On Friday July 3rd we will be open noon to 8 to sell the release of Core 2021.

DC Comics are available on Tuesdays, July 7th these titles are due out.

Batman 94
Batman the Adventures Continue 2 
Batman and the Outsiders 14
Batman's Grave 8
DC Classics Batman Adventures 2
DCeased Dead Planet 1
Detective Comics 1023
Flash 757
Green Lantern Season 2 issue 5
Harley Quinn 74
Hawkman 25
Justice League 48
Justice League Odyssey 22
Lois Lane 12
Superman 23
Wonder Woman 758
Young Justice 16

 Diamond (the vendor that supplies comics to comic stores such as Marvel though there only a no Marvel titles coming out Wednesday has these new comics on Wednesday July 8th.

Adventureman 2
Amazing Spider-man Daily Bugle 2 reorder
Archangel 8 issue 3
Batman 92 reorder
Batman Earth One Hardcover vol 1 reorder
Batman Earth One trade vol 1 reorder
Batman trade paperback vol 1 Court of Owls
Batman trade paperback vol 2
Black Panther and Agents of Wakanda 8
Catwoman 10 reorder
Catwoman 11 reorder
Cimmerian Red Nails 2
Civil War Hardcover
Criminal trade vol 1
Dark Knights Death Metal 1 reorder
DC Super Hero Girls Weird Science trade
Deadpool 1 reorder
Deadpool Classic Omibus Hardcover vol 1
Deathstroke the Terminator trade vol 1
Dejah Thoris 6
Doctor Strange the Oath trade
Dr Strange 5
Dungeons & Dragons Infernal Tides 4
Empyre Fantastic Four 0
Final Crisis Trade
Firefly 17
Flash Omnibus
Ghost Rider 7
Green Arrow Year One trade
Green Lantern vol 1 trade
Grimm Fairy Tales 38
Harley Quinn trade vol 1
Identity Crisis trade
Jim Henson Labyrith Coronation Hardcover vol 2
Legion of Superheroes 5
Marvel Action Avengers trade Book 1
Marvels X issue 4
Minecraft trade vol 1
Mirka Andolfos Unsacred 6
Money Shot 6
Monster Men 1
Oblivion Song by Kirkman 25
Old Haunts 2
Punisher 218 2nd printing
Sabrina Something Wicked 2
Secret Wars hardcover
Sonta 11
Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2020
Star Wars Princess Leia trade
Star Wars Trade Journey To the
Star Wars trade Lando
Stealth 3
Strange Academy 2
Stranger Things Into the fire 4
Stranger Things trade vol 1
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose 122
Thor trade vol 1
Transformers Galaxies 7
Watchmen Companion
Watchmen trade
White Widow 1 2nd printing
X Force 10
X Men God Loves Man Kills Extended Cut 1

There are free bags and boards for each new comic purchased!

If anyone has any questions feel free to email us at

Be safe and as always I hope to see you at Rodman Comics!


JUSTICE LEAGUE vs SUICIDE SQUAD 1 Exclusive Rodman Comics variant Ed Benes colored and black and white

Dark Knight III the Master Race Rodman Comics variant

DC Comics Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive variant Rodman Comics Cover by Ed Benes

Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive cover Guillem

Harley Quinn 1 Rebirth Exclusive Amanda Conner Black & White


Suicide Squad 1 Rebirth Dale Keown Buy Me Toys Exclusive Variant