Projections 8/16/2017

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Welcome back to Projections, our weekly newsletter.

Tuesday was crazy. School is almost back in session. With the new school season comes new customers. Which is great of course.

Metal is here! We had a midnight launch for it. DC's most crazy story of the year kicks off. Some Batcrazy stuff! I read it the day it came in. I enjoyed it. Thought it was a fun read. Even had old characters thought lost to comic limbo show up like Red Tornado and Starman show up.

Comic wise I am surprised that recent issues are going for triple of cover price or more after release. Mr Miracle 1 shot up in price. Artgerm's Supergirl 12 cover from last week jumped. This week Totally Awesome Hulk 22 is seeing demand on the secondary market.

August 25th will be the release day of the new MTG Commander. I have had more people request full sets of these than than last years Commander set. Looking to be a popular Commander set.

Thanks to Steven for letting me know that August 30th is the next heroclix release. I looked over a week ago and didn't see a release date yet. Heroclix release are often delayed and changed a lot. The Mighty Thor is coming out August 30th! Looks like an incredible set.

One of the things I like about heroclixs is the last few sets Wizkids who makes Heroclixs, did not release two different sets on the same day. They used to do this for some reason. A new Superman Heroclix set on the same day as say a new Halo set. A lot of people would pick one set over the other. Such as Superman blew away Halo. If Halo had been delayed even by just a few weeks Halo heroclix sales would have been much better. It was like Wizkids wanted to be competition amoung its self. On August 30th Wizkids is also release Undead Heroclixs. Hmmmm.... Which set will most people pick? Thor interest will overshadow the Undead Heroclixs. Undead Heroclixs being a non licensed product was facing a tough sales battle with out having to go up against Thor also.

We are gearing up for an exciting September. Saturday, September 2nd will be a Mighty Thor Heroclix draft!

September 23rd is the next Pre Release for Magic. Ixalan is coming. We will have a midnight, noon, and 8 pm draft for it.

September 29th is Ixalan's release date.

On September 30th we will celebrate seven years of Rodman Comics. Seven years and still going strong with no end in sight! The lease has already been renewed. We will celebrate with Rod Deals! 20 percent off, auctions, raffles, give aways, mystery boxes, and of course fun for all! Oh yeah, and cake!

October 1st is the true anniversary of the store but it falls on a Sunday this year. Everyone knows Saturdays are way more fun, so September 30th we will have a ball!

It is a little weird to know that October 1st is with in a month and half. Time is flying. Seven years of Rodman Comics? That is crazy. Sure to make some people crazy that didn't want us to keep on going. To everyone who made it possible for a little store with character to last over the years my heartfelt thanks! I know I am jumping the gun so to speak and should be saving it for September 30th. Just looking forward to celebrating.

As always hope to see you at Rodman Comics!

JUSTICE LEAGUE vs SUICIDE SQUAD 1 Exclusive Rodman Comics variant Ed Benes colored and black and white

Dark Knight III the Master Race Rodman Comics variant

DC Comics Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive variant Rodman Comics Cover by Ed Benes

Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive Artgerm Black & White variant

Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive Artgerm variant

Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive cover Guillem

Harley Quinn 1 Rebirth Exclusive Amanda Conner Black & White

Harley Quinn 1 Rebirth Exclusive Variant Amanda Conner

Harley Quinn 1 Rebirth Exclusive Variant Warren Louw


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