Projections 2/13/2019

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Another shipment delay for comics. Another time with UPS blaming Diamond and Diamond blaming  UPS. Finally received an email from Diamond today.

"HI Rod,

It looks like it was misrouted at one of the UPS stations and will be delivered tomorrow.


I emailed back asking if I get a refund for shipping.  UPS says Diamond got the shipment to them late is what the issue was.

I did get an email back from Diamond.

"Unfortunately, no.  UPS no longer guarantees our boxes."

That is great news, not.

Yesterday our comics were in Kansas City, Kansas today they are in Illinois . Hopefully this Thursday they will finally arrive.

Looks like DC got cold feet about releasing Second Coming. Was just emailed that issues one and two were cancelled. I was looking forward to a non Sandman related Vertigo title that would actually sell.

Tuesday was a heck of a day. The secret shopper that Diamond hires came in. It did not go to well. Knowing Diamond could care less about the shipment not making it and then having Diamond use my money to pay a Secret Shopper to visit me was not fun. Explaining that I do not even have the two comics that are being requested to sell a day early to get me in trouble with Diamond here because the shipment of comics did not arrive and at best Thursday is when they will arrive repeatedly did not go well. I even asked the Secret Shopper how much do they get paid after being asked if they could take a picture and saying no and then the person took a picture anyway.

Wednesday with out new comics is a painful day.

Hopefully next week things turn around and everything goes much better.

As always hope to see you at Rodman Comics!

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