Projections 8/10/2022

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What a week. After spending millions and almost being completed Batgirl due to be on HBO Max got the ax. If it was that bad I am alright with that. From what Iittle I seen of it I was not interested in it. The Batgirl from Burnside in the comics was nothing I enjoyed so the Burnside costume coming to a live action format did nothing for me. I had no interest in seeing it. Kevin Smith announced his work on a story for the DC project, Strange Adventures for HBO Max was dead, Then for some reason he figured if Strange Adventures was dead then the Green Lantern live project for HBO Max must be in trouble. He was wrong, after Kevin Smith's podcast appearance throwing the Green Lantern project under the bus it was announced that Green Lantern is on track and taking its time. I bet Warner Brother was thankful that Smith opened his month with incorrect information. Filming for Green Lantern has been reported as starting in September. I am looking forward to it. A golden age Alan Scott Green Lantern is reportedly in the show. I am a big golden age fan. Guy Gardner, who I enjoyed in his Justice League International days is reportedly heavily featured.

We have been working on our 12th anniversary celebration. I even took the rare step of sketching up the Rodman Comics mascot for our upcoming flyer. Yes, the rarely seen Rodman Comics mascot will finally be used again. To think when I first opened I thought I would have time to use him in a weekly comic strip to post on here. I was so naïve. I have hardly had the time to draw at all over the years.

On October 1st we will celebrate 12 years of Rodman Comics, Rod Deals will be going down along with cake (or maybe cupcakes if the cake maker from last year doesn't get back to me). 20 percent off on everything not already discounted. Auctions! Lots of auctions! The themes will be Black Adam because he has a movie coming out the same month, though there is not much Black Adam material to use. Halloween happens in October so a Halloween theme will play into our celebration. Covers with scary themes and costumes along with sexy costumes. Historic items from Rodman Comics past will be another theme. Those will be the the three themes we will try to work on. Black Adam oddly enough is proving to be the most difficult. One Black Adam chess piece so far will be up for auction. Starting September 1st on our Facebook page items up for auction will start posting each day up till on the day of our celebration. Right now we have over seventy items ready to start posting on Facebook. Heroclixs, comics, Magic, action figures, games, and more. We are working on making this as much fun as possible.

On September 2nd, Friday at 7 there will be a pre release for Magic the Gatherings latest set Dominaria United along with one on September 3rd at 7. The release date for Dominaria United is on September 9th. Be interesting if anyone pulls a Legends card out of a Dominaria Collector's pack. I still find it wild that after all these years a warehouse was found with the old Legends cards and Wizards of the Coast took the time to sort them to put into Dominaria United Collector packs. The odds are still slim of pulling one though still a nice little bonus for those that do. Legends was first in print back in 1994. I remember running around Des Moines just to get a few packs when they first came out.


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Edge of Spider-Verse 2
Fire Power by Kirkman 23
Fortnite X Marvel Zero War 3
Frank Miller Presents Ashcan Edition
Godzilla Rivals vs Battra Oneshot
Hulk 8
Immortal Red Sonja 5
Iron Cat 3
Lady Hel 1
Last Shadowhawk 1
Madballs vs Garbage Pail Kids 2
Man Goat & Bunnyman Green Eggs & Blam 2
Ms Marvel and Moon Knight 1
New Mutants 28
Nita Hawes Nightmare Blog 7
Razorblades Omnibus Hardcover Book
Savage Avengers 4
Seven Sons 3
Shirtless Bear-Fighters 2 issue 1
Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2022
Star Trek Mirror War 8
Star Trek Ships of the Line 2023 Wall Calendar
Star Wars 26
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TMNT Pizza Cookbook Gift Set
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