Projections 4/18/2018

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Action Comics 1000 is a hit! Biggest selling comic for us this year. We have more coming in Tuesday.

After Power Rangers 25 and now Action Comics 1000 being such big hits hopefully more mega hits will follow.

Great day today. One the best ever. Even had a customer give me a Superman watch. Very surprised.

May 5th, we will have Rod Deals and Free Comic Book Day!

We will have two days for the Dominaria MTG Pre Release. Joins us on April 21st at midnight, noon, and 8 p.m. for some fun. Then come Sunday joins us for another noon Pre Release. Wizards of the Coast will allow us to sell boosters boxes of Dominaria during Pre Releases. We already have more pre orders for booster boxes than we did for the previous set. Which is good.

Wizkids is going to let us have a pre release for the next heroclix set, Avengers Infinity! We should have the material in by May 1st. If you are interested in a Heroclix pre release let us know

Lots of great comics this week.

Action Comics 1000

Amazing Spider-man 799

Batman 45

Green Lanterns 45

Injustice 2 issue 24

John Wick 2

Justice League 42

Mr Miracle 8

X Men Gold 26


As always I hope to see you at Rodman Comics!





JUSTICE LEAGUE vs SUICIDE SQUAD 1 Exclusive Rodman Comics variant Ed Benes colored and black and white

Dark Knight III the Master Race Rodman Comics variant

DC Comics Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive variant Rodman Comics Cover by Ed Benes

Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive Artgerm Black & White variant

Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive Artgerm variant

Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive cover Guillem

Harley Quinn 1 Rebirth Exclusive Amanda Conner Black & White

Harley Quinn 1 Rebirth Exclusive Variant Amanda Conner

Harley Quinn 1 Rebirth Exclusive Variant Warren Louw


Suicide Squad 1 Rebirth Dale Keown Buy Me Toys Exclusive Variant