Projections 5/31/2023

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Welcome back to our weekly newsletter, Projections.

Rod Deals on returns on July 22nd! We are already working on it.

Another thing we are already working on is our Rrrrrrod Casts! Which is our twice a week podcasts. Join us at 6 on Thursdays and Sundays at 4! Just log on to Facebook and come to our Facebook page and we will go live. The podcasts will be made up of a wide range of comics. Just bid by posting a bid for what item you want. Bids need to be at least a dollar more than the previous bid. Shipping is a flat $6.99. Win one comic or win a hundred comics shipping will be just $6.99 to keep things easy. Local pick up of course is free. Payment can be made in person or through Paypal.  Communicate with us through Facebook or by phone. Join the pod cast for some winning and fun!

These comics are on sale Tuesday, June 6th!

Adventures of Superman Jon Kent 1

Batman 136

Dark Knights of Steel 7

Flash 800

History of the DCU hardcover

Joker the Man Who Stopped Laughing 5

Joker Uncovered

Money Shot 2 Comes Again

New Talent Showcase the Milestone Initiative 1

Peacemaker Tries Hard 2

Poison Ivy 13

Scooby Doo Where are You? 122

Shazam 2

Steelworks 1


These new comics are available on Wednesday, June7th!

Almighty 5
Bishop War College 4
Blood Tree 5
Captain America Sentinel of Liberty 13
Comicare Current Boards
Comicare Current Bags
Daredevil 12
Daredevil and Echo 1
Deadpool Badder Blood 1
Disney Villains Maleficent 2
Dungeons & Dragons Saturday Morning Adventures
Extreme Venomverse 2
Fantastic Four 8
Fence Redemption 1
Fury 1
Grimm Spotlight Masumi
Grimm Universe Retailer Program May 2023
Hallows Eve 3
I Hate this Place 9
Immoral X-Men 12
In Hell We Fight 1
Invincible Iron Man 7
Iron Man 1 Facsmile Edition
Junk Rabbit 3
Loki 1
Magic Order 4 issue 5
New Mutants Lethal Legion 3
Nocterra 15
Once Upon A Time At the End of the World 6
Purgatori Must Die 5
Red Goblin 5
Sonic the Hedgehog 61
Spawn 342
Spider-Man 9
Spider-Man 2099 Dark Genesis 4
Star Trek Defiant 4
Star Trek DS9 Dog of War 3
Star Wars 35
Star Wars Darth Vader Black White and Red 2 reorder
Star Wars High Republic 10
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Empire 1
Star Wars Yoda 8
Storm 1
Street Fighter 3
Thor 34
TMNT vs Street Fighter 1
Venom 20
Walking Dead Deluxe 64
X-Cellent 3
X-Men 23
X-Men Before Fall Mutants First Strike 1
As always, hope to see you at Rodman Comics!