Projections 6/21/2017

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Welcome back to Projections, our weekly newsletter.

Rod Deals on July 15th is getting closer. On that day the first 35 people will receive a free trade paperback or hardcover. We will have a raffle along with 20 percent off that day. And of course are usual Rod Deals along with fun!

July 8th is the next pre release for Magic. I still wish Wizards of the Coast had moved it delayed it or moved it up by a week.  The week of July 4th is just a bad week to have it. People will be traveling. And there is Ankeny's Summerfest going on that weekend. Though I know Summerfest wouldn't make it on Wizards of the Coasts' radar since it is just a local event.

Commander at 1 this Sunday again. Then we should have the return of the league.

That said next month we will see the release of the DC Elseworlds Heroclix set. Apparrently Deadpool and X Force were the last Heroclix set for a Heroclix pre release?

Marvel put out a ton of material and claimed the the dollar share and unit share in May.  99 comic titles and 43 Graphic Novels, for a total of 142 releases. DC had a total of 116 releases for the month. The current Marvel crossover Secret Empire did very well for Marvel.


Summer is here and things are going really well.

As always hope to see you at Rodman Comics!



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