Projections 12/6/2017

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Welcome back to Projections, our weekly newsletter.

Get your holiday shopping done at Rodman Comics! We have of course comic books, action figures, card games, board games, and more for that special someone in your life.

Rod Deals returns on December 16th! For Rod Deals we will have 20 percent off everything not already discounted. Auction, raffles, and of course fun. The first 35 people in line will get a free trade or hardcover. Take advantage of the sale and get your holiday shopping done at Rodman Comics. We and the auctions will be open from 11 to 7!

The collection can for the air at the front counter caused a little bit of a  stir.

We have a few months of cold weather left. Fixing the air during the winter is not a priority. The change collected in the can isn't going to come close to covering the air. It was meant to be a joke since I knew it never would come close.

Come warmer weather I would not have my employees or customers suffer through having no air. Plus, I wouldn't like it either.

Just started reading about next year's free Comic Book Day in May. Yes, already reading about it. Hoping for something different this year but, so far nothing. We will of course have Rod Deals on the same day again and combine the events to produce sales. I wish Free Comic Day would evolve.

Today for Heroclixs the new Star Trek Away Team set came out. Surprised the heck out of me. Alliance I preordered them with and thought everything was good. Alliance flat out didn't get them sent to me or try to notify me about the set. Not having product on hand the day of release is a great way to block sales.

On Friday, December 8th at 7:15 we will draft the Magic the Gathering set, Unstable. It should be a fun casual game. That is the goal!

Diamond shorted us a few titles this time oddly enough. If you are in and don't see something you are interested in that is fairly new please let us know. The shortages should be in with in two weeks.

The year is winding down. 2017 is almost over. 2018 is almost here.

Hope to see you here, at Rodman Comics!



JUSTICE LEAGUE vs SUICIDE SQUAD 1 Exclusive Rodman Comics variant Ed Benes colored and black and white

Dark Knight III the Master Race Rodman Comics variant

DC Comics Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive variant Rodman Comics Cover by Ed Benes

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Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive Artgerm variant

Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive cover Guillem

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Harley Quinn 1 Rebirth Exclusive Variant Amanda Conner

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