Projections 3/22/2023

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Welcome back to our weekly newsletter, Projections.

Over the weekend went to Kansas City for Planetcomicon. Brought back some new back-issues for the store. It was packed! Had a good time.

Rrrrrrod Casts is our twice a week podcast. Join us at 6 on Thursdays and Sundays at 4! Just log on to Facebook and come to our Facebook page and we will go live. The podcasts will be made up of a wide range of comics. Just bid by posting a bid for what item you want. Bids need to be at least a dollar more than the previous bid. Shipping is a flat $6.99. Win one comic or win a hundred comics shipping will be just $6.99 to keep things easy. Local pick up of course is free. Payment can be made in person or through Paypal.  Communicate with us through Facebook or by phone. Join the pod cast for some winning and fun! One of our future podcasts on Thursday will have comic writer and movie writer Geoff Johns comic material as the theme on April 6th at 6! Yes, we plan ahead on these.


These DC Comics are on sale Tuesday, March 28th!

Action Comics 1053

Batman Gotham Knights Gilded City 6

Blue Beetle Graduation Day 5

Dark Knights of Steel 10


Detective Comics 1070

Gotham City Year One 6

Harley Quinn 28

Lazarus Planet 2

Punchline the Gotham Game 6

Sandman Universe Dead Boy Detectives 4

Stargirl the Lost Children 5

Tim Drake Robin 7

Unstoppable Doom Patrol 1

Waller vs Wildstorm 1


These new comics are available on Wednesday, March 29th!

Ancient Enemies 3
Avengers Beyond 1
Barbarella Center Cannot Hold 2
Betsy Braddock Captain Britain 2
Clobberin Time 1
Daredevil 9
Deadpool 5
DF Black Cat 1
Doctor Who Magazine 585
Doctor Who Magazine 586
Draculina Blood Simple 1
Dragon Age Missing 3
Dungeons & Dragons Morning Adventures 1
Grimm Fairy Tales 70
Hellboy in Love 4
Invincible Iron Man 4
Its Jeff 1
Liquid Kill 2
Marvel Heroes Thor Tarot Card T Shirt XL
MMPR TMNT II issue 4
Myths & Legends Black Knight Fate of Legends
Nemesis Reloaded 3 reorder
Once Upon A Time At End of the World 5
Planet Hulk Worldbreaker 5
Rick and Morty 3
Sabretooth and Exiles 5
Something is Killing the Children 30
Star Trek Illyrian Enigma 4
Star Wars Boba Feet Space Retro T-Shirt Large
Star Wars High Republic 7
Star Wars High Republic Blade 4
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Jabba’s Palace 1
Strange Academy Finals 5
Thor 32
Unbreakable Red Sonja 5
Vampirella Strikes 11
Vampirella Year One 6
Venom Lethal Protector II issue 1
X-Men Unforgiven 1
As always, hope to see you at Rodman Comics!