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Arrived Wednesday, October 17th!

Amazing Spider-man Renew Your Vows 14 2nd printing
Amazing Spider-man Renew Your Vows 15
Animosity Evolution 8
Aquaman 41
Astonishing X Men 16
Batman 56 reorder
Batman 57
Batman & the Justice League Mange trade vol 1
Batman Animated Series Mad Love Pint Glass
Batman Detective Comics Trade vol 3
Batman the Dark Knight Detective Vol 2
Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands trade
Bombshells United trade vol 2
BTVS Season 11 Giles 1
BTVS Season 11 Giles 2
BTVS Season 12 the Reckoning 2
BTVS Season 12 the Reckoning 3
BTVS Season 12 the Reckoning 4
Cover 2
Damage 10 Foil
Daredevil 609
DC Designer Series Supergirl Statue by Turner
Deadpool 33 Koblish Secret Comic Variant
Deadpool 36 Koblish Secret Comic Variant
Deathstroke trade 5 the Fall of Slade
Dejah Thoris 9
Despicable Deadpool 288 Koblish Secret Comic
Despicable Deadpool 289 Koblish Secret Comic
Disney Frozen Breaking Boundaries 3
Doom Patrol trade book 1
Doomsday Clock Rorschach Mime Action Figure Two Pack
Flash by Mark Waid trade book 5
Forest Green Deck Box
Garfield TV Or Not TV 1
Ghostbusters Crossingover 7
Gideon Falls 7
Green Lantern A Celebration of 75 Years Hardcover
Green Lanterns 57
Harley Quinn 52 Foil
Harley Quinn Waiting for My J Man Statue
Hit Girl 9
Infinity Wars Weapon Hex 1
Injustice 2 issue 36
Jook Joint 1
Justice League 10 Foil
Justice League Dark 4 Foil
Life of Captain Marvel 4
Lucifer 1
Marvel Zombie 1
Mr and Mrs X 4
MTG 2019 V1 Pro 100 Deck Box
MTG Black Lotus 100 Deck Box
Neil Gaiman American Gods My Ainsel 7
New Challengers 6
New World 4
Nightwing 51 Foil
NYCC 2018 Venom 7
Old Man Logan 49
Optimus Prime 24
Pearl 3
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man 311
Pokémon Ultra 9 Pocket Portfolio
Quantum & Woody 11
Raven Daughter of Darkness trade vol 1
Red Sonja 22
Red Sonja Enamel Pin
Runaways 14
Scooby Doo Where Are You 95
Shazam trade vol 1
Shuri 1
Sideways 9 Foil
Sidways trade vol 1
Simpsons Comics 245
Skyward 7
Solid Light Blue Deck Box
Star Wars Darth Vader 22
Star Wars Tales From Vaders Castle 3
Suicide Squad trade vol 7
Teen Titans 23 Foil
Thanos Rising Avengers Infinity War Board Game
Thor 6
True Believers What if Alien Costume
Unstoppable Wasp 1
Vampirella Enamel Pin
Venom Annual 1
Vintage DC Comics 2019 Wall Calendar
Weapon H 9
What If? Ghost Rider 1
X Men Black Mystique 1




Arriving Wednesday, October 24th

Action Comics 1004 Foil
All New Guardians of the Galaxy 3 reorder
Amazing Spider-man 8
Amazing Spider-man Renew Your Vows 13 reorder
Aquaman trade vol 3 Throne of Atlantis N52
Aquaman trade vol 5 the Crown Comes Down Rebirth
Army of Darkness Halloween Special One Shot
Avengers Epic Collection Operation Galactic Storm
Batgirl 28 Foil
Batman Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Action Figure
Batman Beyond 25 Foil
Batman Kings of Fear 3
Batman trade vol 7 Rebirth
Belle Beast Hunter 5
Bettie Page Halloween Special One Shot
Black Knight 1 reorder
Black Panther 12 reorder
Black Panther vs Deadpool 1
Books of Magic 1
Captain America 695 reorder
Catwoman 4 reorder
D&D Art & Arcana Visual History Special Edition
Dark Knight Selina Kyle Catwoman MAF
DC Comics Bombshells Jokers Daughter Statue
DC Comics Bombshells Raven Statue
DC Comics Rebirth Deathstroke Unmasked PX Statue
DC Comics Wonder Woman Vinimate
DC Gallery Batman TAS Hardac Batman PVD Figure
DC Superhero Best of Fig Collection Mag Batman 1
DC Superhero Best of Fig Collection Mag Superman 2
DC Superhero Best of Fig Collection Mag the Joker 4
DC Watch Collection W2 2 Superman
DC Wonder Woman Passport Wallet
Deadpool 19 Koblish Secret Comic Variant reorder
Deadpool Assassin trade
Despicable Deadpool 287 Koblish Secret Comic Variant reorder
Detective Comics 991
Doctor Strange 381 reorder
Doctor Who Magazine 530
Dungeons & Dragons Legendas of Baldurs Gate Trade reorder
Flash 57
Generation X 85 reorder
Grimm Fairy Tales 22
Guardians of the Galaxy 146 reorder
Harley Quinn Red White & Black Statue by Dodson
Hawkeye 13 reorder
Infinity Wars Arachknight 1
Infinity Wars Sleepwalker 2
Infinity Wars Soldier Supreme 2
Invincible Iron Man 4 reorder
Invinicible Iron Man 5 reorder
Isola trade vol 1
John Wick 1 2nd printing
John Wick 2 reorder
Judge Dredd Toxic 1
Justice League Odyssey 2 Foil
Kiss Bloods Stardust 1
Man-Thing 1 reorder
Marvel Hulk Gelatin Mold
Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Silicone Tray
Marvel Legacy 1 reorder
Marvel Two In One 1 reorder
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 32
Mighty Thor 15 reorder
Mighty Thor 20 reorder
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 36
Moon Knight 200
Ms Marvel 25 reorder
Mystery Science Theater 1 reorder
Mystery Science Theater 2
NYCC 2018 Black Panther vs Deadpool 1
NYCC 2018 Return of Wolverine 2
NYCC 2018 Spider-Geddon 1
NYCC 2018 Spider-girls 1
Old Lady Harley 1
Old Man Logan 31 reorder
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man 297 reorder
Predator Hunters II issue 3
Punisher 218 reorder
Punisher 3
Raven Daughter of Darkness 9
Red Sonja Halloween Special
Regular Show 25 Years later 5
Return of Wolverine 2
Revenge of WonderLand 4
Runaways 1 Young Variant reorder
Sandman trade vol 1 30th Anniv
Scarlet 3
Scooby Doo Team Up 43
Secret Invastion trade
Sentry 5
Shadowman 8
Silencer 10 Foil
Spider-Geddon 2
Spider-Girl 1
Spider-Gwen 25 reorder
Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider 1
Spider-man Deadpool 23
Star Wars Daerth Vader Dark Lord Sith Hardcover vol 1
Star Wras Doctor Aphra 25
Star Wars Solo 1 reorder
Star Wras Tales From Vaders Castle 4
Stargate Atlantis Singularity 3
Supergirl 21 reorder
Teen Titans Kid Flash statue
Teen Titans Wonder Girl statue
Terrifics 9 Foil
Titans 28
TMNT Urban Legends 6
Transformers Gen Power Action FIgures
True Believers Whit If Kraven
Usagi Yojumbo 7
Vampirella Dejah Thoris 2
Vampirella Halloween Special One Shot
Vampirella Roses for Dead 2
Venom 161 reorder
Venom 164 reorder
What If Thor 1
Wizkids Heroclix Parking Garage Map
Wonder Woman Wall Calendar re order
Woman Dynamite  Statue Vampirella reorder
Wonder Woman 57
X Force trade vol 1 Dirty Tricks
X Men Black Juggernaut 1
X Men Mojo 1 reorder
X Men Red 9
X-O Manowar 2017 20