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Arrived Wednesday, March 25th!


2020 Force Works 2
Action Comics 1021
Amazing Spider-man 42
Amethyst 2
Basketful of Heads 6
Batgirl 45
Batman Beyond 42
Batman Curse of the White Knight 8
Batman Superman 8
Batman the Caped Crusader Trade vol 1
Batman the Caped Crusader Trade vol 3
Black Cat 10
Black Panther 22
Blade Runner 2019 issue 7
Blood Realm vol 3 issue 1
Books of Magic 18
Captain America vol 3
Captain Ginder Season 2 issue 2
Caspers Spooksville 3
Catalyst Prime Seven Days 6
Cimmerian Queen of Black Coast 2
DC Super Friends Batman Little Golden Book HC
DC Super Friends Superman Little Golden Book HC
DCeased Hardcover
Dejah Thoris 2 reorder
Dejah Thoris 4 reorder
Detective Comics 1021
Dollar Comics Justice League 1 2011
Dollar Comics Justice League of America 2006
Falcon & Winter Soldier 2
Fantastic Four Marvels Snapshot 1
Far Sector 5
Flash 752
From Beyond the Unknown Giant 1
Ghostbusters Year One issue 3
Giant Size X Men Nightcrawler 1
Hellions 1
Immortal Hulk 33
Immortal Hulk 6 Directors Cut
Incredible Hulk 182 Facsimile Edition
Jessica Jones Blind Spot 6
Jim Henson Dark Crystal Age Resistance 7
John Constantine Hellblazer 5
Joker A Celebration of 75 Years Hardcover
Joker His Greatest Jokes trade
Judge Dredd False Witness 1
Justice League Dark 21
Justice League Dark trade vol 1
Killing Red Sonja 1
Lady Death Abandon All Hope 2
Lady Death Abandon All Hope 3
Lady Death Dark Horizons Platinum Foil
Last God 6
Lazarus Risen 4
Legends of Log One Shot
Legion of Superheroes 3 reorder
Legion of Superheroes 5
Magic Order Trade Vol 1
Marvel Action Avengers 2020
Marvel Action Avengers trade book 1 New Danger
Marvel Action Spider-man trade book 1 New Beginning
Marvel Avengers Black Widow 1
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 49
MMW Amazing Spider-man HC Vol 18
MMW Amazing Spider-man HC Vol 19
MMW Amazing Spider-man HC Vol 20
MMW Avengers HC Vol 1 New Printing
MMW Avengers HC Vol 17
MMW Champions HC Vol 1
MMW Daredevil HC Vol 11
MMW Fantastic Four HC Vol 1 New Printing
MMW Invincible Iron Man HC New Printing
MMW Marvel Team Up HC Vol 3
MMW Marvel Two In One HC Vol 2
MMW Mighty Thor Vol 1
MMW Might Thor Vol 16
MMW Savage She Hulk HC Vol 1
MMW Spectacular Spider-man HC Vol 1
MMW Spider-Woman HC Vol 1
MMW Uncanny X Men HC Vol 10
MMW X Men HC Vol 1
Monstress 27
My Little Pony Canterlot High March Madness
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 88
New Mutants by Hickman trade vol 1
New Teen Titans trade vol 9
No Ones Rose 1
Once & Future 7
Punisher Soviet 6
Quantum & Woody 3
Rat Queens 21
Ravencroft 3
Red Hood Outlaw 44
Red Sonja Vampirella Betty Veronica 10
Revenge of Cosmic Ghost Rider 4
Rick & Morty 60
Road to Emprye Kree Skrull War 1
Scream Curse of Carnage 5
Sex Criminals 28
Sonic the Hedgehog 27
Spawn 302 2nd printing
Spawn 305 reorder
Star 3
Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken trade
Star Trek TNG Through the Mirror trade
Star Wars Bounty Hunters 2
Strange Academy 1 reorder
Stranger Things Into the Fire 3
Suicide Squad 4
Supergirl 40
Superman Action Comics trade vol 1
Symbiote Spider-man Alien Reality 1
Tarot 4
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose 121 20th Anniversary
TMNT Jennika 2
TMNT Ongoing 104
TMNT Shredder in Hell trade
Transformers 18 reorder
Transformers Galaxies 6
Transformers vs Terminator 6
True Believers Empyre Lyja 1
Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics 3
Van Helsing vs League of Monsters 2
Wolverine 1 reorder
Wolverine 2
Wonder Woman 754
Wonder Woman by George Perez trade vol 1
X Men 8 reorder
X Men 9
X Men Fantastic Four 3
X-O Manowar 1

Arriving Wednesday, April 1st

This is not an April Fool's joke. Diamond (the vendor that supplies comics to comic stores) is currently not shipping new comics due to the virus. No comic stores are getting new comics. Currently it is unknown when new comic shipments will start up again. When we have new news will will be sure to update this website. We do have plenty of back issues, collections, and other material on hand for your reading and collecting needs.  Thank you for your time and stay safe.