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Arriving Tuesday, August 16th!

Aquaman and the Flash Voidsong 1
Batman 125 2nd printing
Batman the Dark Knight 8
Batman One Bad Day the Riddler 1
Batman Superman World's Finest 6
Black Adam 3
Catwoman 46
DC vs Vampires All Out War 2
Flash 785
Harley Quinn 20
Nightwing 95
Miss Meow 3
Scooby Doo Where Are You? 117











Arriving Wednesday, August 17th!


Alien 10
Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1
Angel 8
AOD vs Reanimator Necronomicon Rising 2
Avengers 1000000 BC 1
AXE Death to Mutants 1
Blade Runner Black Lotus 1
Captain Marvel 40
Crossover 1 3D Special
Daredevil 2
Dune the Waters of Kanly 4
Edge of Spider-Verse 2
Fire Power by Kirkman 23
Fortnite X Marvel Zero War 3
Frank Miller Presents Ashcan Edition
Godzilla Rivals vs Battra Oneshot
Hulk 8
Immortal Red Sonja 5
Iron Cat 3
Lady Hel 1
Last Shadowhawk 1
Madballs vs Garbage Pail Kids 2
Man Goat & Bunnyman Green Eggs & Blam 2
Ms Marvel and Moon Knight 1
New Mutants 28
Nita Hawes Nightmare Blog 7
Razorblades Omnibus Hardcover Book
Savage Avengers 4
Seven Sons 3
Shirtless Bear-Fighters 2 issue 1
Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2022
Star Trek Mirror War 8
Star Trek Ships of the Line 2023 Wall Calendar
Star Wars 26
Star Wars Mandalorian 2
Strange 5
TMNT Pizza Cookbook Gift Set
Ultraman Mystery of Ultraseven 1
Undiscovered Country 20
Usagi Yojumbo 30
Walking Dead Dlx 43 reorder
Walking Dead Dlx 44 reorder
Walking Dead Dlx 45
X-Force 30
X-Men 13
X-Men Unlimited X-Men Green 1




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