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Arriving Tuesday, Nov 24th!


Action Comics 1027
Batman Beyond 49
Batman Detective Comics 1027 Deluxe Edition Hardcover
Batman Superman 14
Batman White Knight Harley Quinn 2
Dark Knights Death Metal Multiverse Who Laughs 1
DC Nation Presents
Detective Comics 1031
Flash 765 reorder
Flash 766
Green Lantern Season Two issue 9 reorder
John Constantine Hellblazer 12
Justice League Dark 28
Last God 10
Legion of Superheroes 11
Lois Lane Enemy of the People trade
Other History of the DC Universe 1
Question the Deaths of Vic Sage Hardcover
Red Hood 51
Roschach 1 reorder
Rorshach 2 reorder
Suicide Squad 11
Wonder Woman 767


Arriving Wednesday, Nov 25th

Amazing Spider-man 53 LR
Angel & Spike 16
Bang trade vol 1
Belladonna Con SP 1
Billie the Kid 1
Conan the Barbarian 16
Daredevil 24
DC Superheroes Origins YR Trade Batgirl
Devil's Hightway 5
Dial P for Peanuts GN
Doctor Doom 9
Dune House Atreides 2
Excalibur 15
Falcon & Winter Soldier 5
Fantastic Four Antithesis 4
Green Hornet 4
I Make Boys Cry 1
Kick-Ass vs Hit Girl 1
Lady Death 0 Hastings Edition
Lady Death Dark Horizons 1 Blood Foil Red
Lady Death Origins Hardcover vol 1 Hastings Edition
Maestro 4
Marauders 15 reorder
Marvel 2
Marvel Action Chiller 2
Medieval Lady Death Belladonna 1 Prism Foil
Mega Man Fully Charged 4
Nightwing 71 Jurgens Signed
Power Pack 1
Rat Queens 23
Rick & Morty Ever After 2
Rich and Morty Presents Jaguar 1
Robyn Hood Justice 5
Sabrina Something Wicked 4
Scumbag 2
Shang-Chi 3
Snake Eyes Deadgame 3
Sonic the Hedgehog Bad Guys 3
Spawn 312
Star Wars Adventures 2020 issue 2
Star Wars Doctor Aphra 6
Stranger Things Science Camp 3
TMNT Best of Dontallo
True Believers King in Black Black Cat
True Believers King in Black Franklin Richards
True Believers King in Black Iron Man Doctor Doom
Undiscovered Country 10
Usagi Yojumbo Wanderers Road 1
Vampirella 15
Van Helsing 2020 Annual reorder
Venom vs Carnage trade 
Werewolf by Night 2
White Widow 5
Wolverine Black White Blood 1 reorder
X of Swords Destruction 1
X Men 15
X-O Manowar 20202 issue 2