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Arrived Wednesday, June 20th!

Amazing Spiderman 801
Amazing Spider-man Renew Your Vows 20
Amazing Spider-man Worldwide trade vol 8
Ant Man and Wasp 2
Aquaman 37
Avengers 3
Batman 48 reorder
Batman 49
Batman Detective Comics trade vol 6
Batman Prelude to the Wedding Nightwing vs Hush reorder
Batman Prelude to the Wedding Red Hood vs Anarky
Batman Sins of the Father 5
Batman the Dark Prince Charming Hardcover Book 2
Batwoman 16
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider 20
Black Hammer Age of Doom 3
Bloodshot Salvation 1 reorder
Bombshells 19 reorder
Brave & the Bold Batman & Wonder Woman 5
BSG vs BSG 6
Cable 158
Captain America 704
Cave Carson Has an Interstellar Eye 4
Champions 21
Damage 6
Daredevil 604
Dark Nights Metal Dark Knights Rising Hardcover
Deadpool 1 reorder
Deathstroke 32 reorder
DF Amazing Spider-man 25
Disney Manga Tangled GN
Doctor Strange 1 reorder
Doctor Strange 2
Doctor Strange vol 1 trade by Donny Cates
Doctor Who Magazine 521
Doctor Who Magazine 523
Doomsday Clock II T Shirt XL
Evolution 7
Flash 48
Future Quest Presents 11
Garfield Homecoming 1
Gideon Falls 4
Green Arrow 41 reorder
Green Lanterns 49
Harley Quinn 44
He Man Thundercats trade
Hit Girl 5
Hunt for Wolverine Claws of the Killer 2
Infinity Countdown Black Widow 1
Infinity Countdown Champions 1
Injustice Countdown Champion 1
Injustice 2 issue 28
Justice League 1 reorder
Justice League 2
Justice League of America trade vol 3
Justice League trade vol 6 People vs the Justice
Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Dlx Edition Hardcover
Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Hardcover
Mad Magazine 2
Man of Steel 4
Medieval Spawn Witchblade 2 reorder
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 28
Mister Miracle by Jack Kirby trade
My Little Pony Ponyville Mysteries 2
Mystik U trade
New Challengers 2
Nightwing 45 reorder
Ninja-K 8
Paper Girls 21 reorder
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man Annual 1
Pull My Finger Game
Red Sonja 16 reorder
Regular Show 25 years later 1
Rise of the Black Panther 4 reorder
Runaways 10
Scooby Doo Where Are You? 93
Shadowman 4
Shanghai Red 1
Simpsons Comics 244
Skyward 3
Spawn 286 reorder
Spider-Gwen 33
Star Wars Darth Vader 1/12 model kit
Star Wars Poe Dameron 28
Stargate Universe 5
Taarna 2
Teen Titans Go 28
Tony Stark Iron Man 1
Trinity trade vol 2 Dead Space Rebirth
True Believers Ant-Man
True Believers Scott Lang
Usagi Yojimbo 4
Waling Dead 180
Weapon H 4
Wild Storm 14
Wonder Woman Sketch T Shirt XL
WWE 18
X Men Gold 30
X Men Red 3 2nd printing





Arriving Wednesday, June 27th!

Agents of Atlas Turf Wars Prem Hardcover
All New Doop Trade
All New Invaders Trade vol 2 Original Sin
All New X Men Prem Hardcover Vol 2 Here to Stay
All New X Men Prem Hardcover Vol 4 All Different
All New X Men Trade vol 4 All Different
Amazing Spider-man trade 01.1 Learning to Crawl
Amazing Spider-man trade vol 2 Spider-verse Prelude
Amazing X Men trade vol 2 World War Wendigo
Animosity Evolution 6 reorder
Art of Spider-man Classic Hardcover
Astonishing X men trade vol 4 Unstoppable
Astro City 52
Avengers Academy Final Exams Prem Hardcover
Avengers by Brian Bendis Pre Hardcover Vol 2
Avengers by Brian Bendis Pre Hardcover Vol 3
Avengers Korvac Saga trade
Avenger Prem Hardcover Vol 2 Last White Event Now
Avengers Trade vol 3 Prelude to Infinity
Avengers Trade vol 4 Infinity
Bane Conquest 12
Batgirl 24
Batman Beyond 21
Batman Prelude to the Weddng Harley vs Joker 1
Big Trouble in Little China 10
Black Panther 2
Bloodstrike 23
Bombshells United Trade vol 1
Captain America by Ed Brubaker Prem HC Vol 3
Captain America Prem Hardcover vol 3 Loose Nuke
Captain America trade vol 2 Castaway Dimension Z
Captain America trade vol 3 Loose Nuke
Captain Britain Hardcover 2 Siege of Camelot
Captain Marvel trade vol 2 Stay Fly
Charlies Angels 1
Clandestine Prem Hardcover Blood Relative
Daken Dark Wolverine Prem Hardcover No More Heroes
Daredevil by Brubaker and Lark Ult Collection trade book 2
Daredevil by Mark Waid Prem Hardcover vol 6
Daredevil by Mark Waid Prem Hardcover vol 7
Daredevil by Mark Waid trae vol 3
Daredevil Guardian Devil trade
Daredevil Yellow
Dark Nights Metal Resistance trade
Dark X Men Prem Hardcover
DC Previews 3
Deadpool Classic trade vol 8
Deadpool trade vol 2 Dark Reign
Deadpool trae vol 7 Space Oddity
Descender 31
Detective Comics 983
Devil Dinosaur by Jack Kirby trade
Doctor Who Magazine 526
Ducktales 9 reorder
Fantastic Four by Hickman Prem Hardcover Vol 5
Fantastic Four by Hickman Prem Hardcover Vol 6
FF by Hickman Prem Hardcover Vol 4
Flash 48 reorder
Flash 49
Game of Thrones Clash of Kings 11
GFT Tales of Terror Vol 4
GOTG by Abenett and Lanning Complete Collection Trade vol 2
Green Lanterns trade vol 6
Grimm Fairy Tales 17
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 47
Harbinger Wars 2 issue 2
Hawkeye vs Deadpool trade
Hellblazer 23
Hulk Boiling Point Prem Hardcover
Image Plus 11
Incredible Hulks Fall of Hulks HC
Indestructible Hulk Prem Hardcover Vol 2 Gods and Monsters
Indestructible Hulk Prem Hardcover Vol 3 Smash Time
Infinity Countdown Darkhawk 2 reorder
Infinity Countdown Darkhawk 3
Infinity trade reorder
Invincible Iron Man Prem Hardcover Vol 9 Demon
Iron Age Hardcover
Iron Man Fatal Frontier Hardcover
Iron Man Industrial Revolution Prem Hardcover
Iron Man Prem Hardcover Believe vol 1
Iron Man Prem Hardcover Revenge of Mandarin
Iron Man Prem Hardcover Vol 3 Secret Origin of Stark
Jessica Jones Pulse Complete Collection trade
Kill Or Be Killed 20
Lady Death Unholy Ruin 2
Legenderry Red Sonja 5
Lumberjanes 51
Man of Steel 5
Marvel Boy trade
Marvel Firsts 1970s trade Vol 1
Marvel Knights Hulk trade Transformed
Marvel Knights X Men trade Haunted
Marvel Secret Wars Activity Book
Marvel Two in One issue 7
Marvel Two in One Annual 1 reorder
Marvel Zombies Covers Hardcover
Marvel Zombies Destroy Hardcover
Mata Hari 4
Mech Cadet Yu 9
Mera Queen of Atlantis 5
Mighty Morphin Power Rangere Anniversary Special
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 32
Moon Knight 96
Mother Panic Gotham A D 44
Ms Marvel 31
MSH Adventures Web Arrows Ants Oh My 1
Multiple Man 1
Oblivion Song 4 reorder
Old Man Hawkeye 6
Old Man Logan 42
Outcast 36
Pathfinder Spiral of Bones 4
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man 306
Prisoner 3
Quantum & Woody 7
Raven Daughter of Darkness 6
Red Sonja 16 reorder
Red Sonja 17
Rick & Morty 39
Saga 53
Scooby Doo Team Up 39
Sentry 1
Sex Criminals 25
Silencer 6
Sonic the Hedgehog 1 Box Set
Sonic the Hedgehog 6
Star Wars Doctor Aphra 21
Star Wars Lando Double or Nothing 2
Star Wars Mighty Chewbacca In Forest of Fear YA HC
Super Sons of Tomorrow trade Rebirth
Teen Titans Special 1
Terrifics 5
Thanos Wins By Donny Cates trade
Thor 1 reorder
True Believers Ant Man & Hawkeye
Vampirella Roes for Dead 1
Venom 3
Wakanda Forever Amazing Spider-man 1
Walking Dead 180
Watchmen Rorschach T Shirt Large
Watchmen Rorschach T Shirt X Large
Wonder Woman 49
Wonder Woman Shadows T Shirt
X Men Blue 30
X Men Red 5
XO Manowar 16