• Projections 8/24/2016

    Rod Deals on August 27th is almost here! 20 percent off everything unless already discounted. People say it's rigged. But no matter what people say everyone walks away happy. How can that be? Is there free asian cuisine? No. No, free food. Put plenty of fun.

    Ankeny schools have started up again. Meaning a change in people's buying habits. The new Conspiracy for Magic comes out this Friday. Really wish Wizards of the Coast would have a pre release for this set to help build excitement. Instead of a sealed format have it be a regular draft since that is what Conspiracy is all about. We of course will have a draft for it this Friday and next Friday.

    We have more exclusive variant covers in!  Two new ones came in that we just got in today. Not able to make it in?  You can order them from us online at these links:

    DC Comics Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive variant Rodman Comics Cover by Ed Benes

    Harley Quinn 1 Rebirth Exclusive Variant Warren Louw

    Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive Artgerm variant

    Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive Artgerm Black & White variant

    Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive cover Guillem


    We should have more new exclusives in the future. The exclusive Rodman Comics variant lead to trading with other stores for their exclusives. I had always planned to trade with the Rock Shop in Georgia since we talked about doing store exclusives. Didn't know we would be trading with so many other stores.  Really looking forward to receiving the Dale Keown Suicide Squad 1 exclusive variant!

    September 17th will be Batman Day! We will be giving out free copies of Batman that day.

    According to an interview with  CBR's Kiel Phegley, Spencer discussed the surprisingly kind response he got from fans at the convention -- after receiving death threats and online hate for the Steve Rogers reveal -- noting that, without fail, people are always nicer in person than they are on the internet.

    Nick Spencer after having Captain America coming out as an agent of Hydra received a lot of online hate. Though while at the San Diego Comic Con didn't have people come up hating him but people coming up to him being very nice and polite.

    Though I will say Marvel wanted the Captain America is really a Hydra agent to be a big deal. Free advertising. Shock value. And Marvel saying no this isn't Captain America being mind controlled! It's for "real". Only to have it come out that it is because of a cosmic cube. Was a little weak.

    CBR's full interview can be read here. http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/nick-spencer-didnt-expect-captain-americas-hydra-twist-to-be-controversial

    Marvel has revealed Novembers "first" issue of Avengers. It will still have Mark Waid as the series writer. And Alex Ross still doing covers. To me it doesn't feel like it needs to be a first issue. Spider-man returns to the team along with Hercules. Sam Wilson and Jane Foster stay with the team along with the Vision. How well will this go over with the readership?  I hope well.

    With all the DC films getting bashed I read this on the Forbes website.

    Captain America: Civil War:

    "As predicted by everyone with working eyes and ears, this Marvel Cinematic Universe offering was the biggest live-action movie of the summer and the year by a healthy margin. This third Captain America movie, which pitted him against Iron Man, brought in Spider-Man, introduced Black Panther, and climaxed its second act with a hero versus hero smackdown for the ages, turned out to be one of the MCU’s smaller-scale movies in terms of scope and stakes. The Walt Disney film snagged $407 million domestic and $1.1 billion worldwide, a kingly sum no matter how much you expected the film to somehow outgross The Avengers. I think we’re starting to take these films for granted in terms of relative artistic quality and consistent box office performance. That it was still the MCU’s least leggy film ever (2.27x the $179m weekend) is interesting, but that’s for another day."

    Least "leggy" Marvel film ever? I had no idea. Hopefully that doesn't mean people are getting superhero fatigue.

    Still no Inhumans movie from Marvel? Marvel lost some faith in itself? Granted the Inhumans would be a tough film to pull off. That said anything is possible.

    If interested speak up. Right now Marvel Now 2016 isn't being talked about other than didn't Marvel Now already happen? Ordering Marvel Now 2016 feels like Russian roulette currently.

    Marvel is really hyping and hoping for an over 300,000 copies sold event for their new Champions series. There is just one issue. I haven't heard much feedback from our customers. A little bit but not much. Doesn't mean the new Champions will be flop. I just have no real info to go on. Will this be like the current Black Panther series? Big first issue sales and then quite the drop? Though Black Panther does still sell. Iron Fist and Power Man's first issue was a big seller for Marvel but currently is not selling that well. Especially for all the hype there is a Cage T.V. show coming up.

    No Diamond Comics Summit for me again this year. It is again in  Baltimore this year. It just isn't a place I want to visit to go to the Diamond Summit.

    Next year I plan on going back to the Gamma Trade Show in Las Vegas. Though surprisingly next year the Gamma Trade Show will be the last show they have in Vegas for at least a few years. Come 2018 the Gamma Trade Show will be in Reno, Nevada. Which I have never been to. I will most likely try it and see how it goes.

    Again Rod Deals this Saturday August 27th! The next Rod Deals will be October 1st! Why is that I hear you asking. Because on October 1st Rodman Comics will hit the six year mark! And it also falls on a Saturday this year. No lease to renew this year. Which I am very happy about. Happy times for all!

    Hope to see you at Rodman Comics!