• Projections 7/20/2016
    August 3rd is almost here. Our exclusive Rodman Comics Harley Quinn cover by Ed Benes will be out that day. Cake  will be on hand and Bombshell cover artist Ant Lucia will be here signing and talking with fans. Ant Lucia will sign one item per person for free. $5 after the first one. We will have various comic books that Ant has done work on for sale at coverprice on hand.Depending on how many people we have he may be doing five to ten minutes sketches for $20. Looking forward to it. Make sure to give Ant a friendly welcome to Rodman Comics.
    We will be selling other stores' variants of Harley Quinn 1 and Suicide Squad 1 also. They are as follows and can be bought through these links:

    Hastings a chain store that sold comics and heroclixs is bankrupt and closing. Owing a lot of vendors including Diamond Comics. Hastings has 126 stores. They are to be closed by October. That will make a serious dent in comics sold. A lot of people will lose their job also sadly.

    Their website seems to be down already. Or at least when I tried to research them better.

    Keep your eyes open. Lots of Rodman Comics related news next month. The one that I can talk about currently is the return of Rod Deals on August 27th! 20 percent off everything that isn't already discounted. The boxes. The trivia. The fun that is Rod Deal's returns!

    Before that you may see CLASSIFIED, CLASSIFIED, and CLASSIFIED. It has been nearly six years since we had done the last one. The CLASSIFIED turned really good.

    Also come  August it will have been over two years since we have done this. The return of CLASSIFIED, CLASSIFIED, and CLASSIFIED. Our customers have voted! CLASSIFIED, CLASSIFIED, and CLASSIFIED were the winners.  I mean people are asking how can we do so much? By being profitable of course! Looking forward to getting these to our loyal customers!

    San Diego Comic-Con was over the weekend. Lots of movie related news. Not as much as one might think about actual comic news. The Batman v Superman DVD with extra footage came out. Being told it is good. I hope to buy it soon and actually watch it. Time is not my friend. Though I am getting back to having a social life. Finally seen old friends of mine and working on not being such a stranger.

    Various studios didn't even use this year's San Diego Comic Con to hype their various comic related movie projects. No X Men related news such as an update with the Gambit movie that was suppose to been in theaters this year. After Deadpool was such as big hit I thought a X Force movie with him as a member would have been announced.

    Though back to San Diego Comic Con news. Nothing actual comic wise announced blew me away. It seemed to be more about showcasing the various movies. Which I already know I am going to see Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, and Star Wars Rogue One this year and I want to be surprised. Not have it spoiled for me so I am trying to stay away from trailers and spoilers.

    I did read (SPOILERs for next year's Guardians of the Galaxy 2) that Kurt Russel is Star Lord's father. Cool, I thought. I am a fan of Kurt Russel. Who is Kurt Russel playing? Ego. Yes, Ego the Living Planet. Meaning when he shows up in the comics he is the size of a planet. Apparently Ego walks around looking like a human in the upcoming movie.

    Another reason I like the DC movies more than the Marvel movies. DC follows the comic material slightly better.  Does that mean Guardians of the Galaxy isn't going to be any good? Nope. Still going to see it next year.

    I was trying to stay away from Killing Joker movie spoilers and various websites had a spoiler right in their headlines days before it was out in the movie theaters which was disappointing. Did see it and liked it. I did leave thinking wow there is no way a storyline like that could be done in comics today. The internet would break in half! Maybe in a future Projections I will try to type out a how the internet has hurt comic storytelling.  Seriously, think there will be another death of Gwen Stacy story? A lot of storylines that were done decades ago would rile people up to much online. Look at the reaction to Captain America Steve Rogers 1. Captain America an agent of Hydra? Death threats against the writer. People claiming to be burning the comic. I was puzzled by the whole thing. I guess I have read comics long enough to know that Marvel is going to make money off of  Captain America over Captain Hydra in the long term.

    Also went and seen Star Trek Beyond. Have talked with some people and have heard from people that liked it. Sadly I was disappointed. One I figured out the story and the "plot twists" since it was so easy. The trailers helped that out. And the plot.... well if you can call that a plot so be it. It was what is now the typical blockbusters film. Loud noises, explosions, and a lot of plot holes to make it all work. If this had come out earlier this year before other movies with loud noises, explosions, and a lot of plot holes  then I might have enjoyed it more. Plus I was hoping for more after Star Trek Darkness which I thought had the a lot of the  same issues. Mr I am Khan and I am going to ram a starship into San Diego and after the start of the movie where I am shown to be such a kick butt person mowing down Klingons Spock is going to go one on one with me and almost kill me oddly enough.

    How did so many "critics" give Star Trek Beyond such a high score? I know everyone has differnet opinions. Such as I keep saying what "I" thought of it instead of passing off my opinions as facts.  I did read about the new Ghostbusters movie and how it was reviewed online. It shows that online movie ratings are a little cooked up.  Here is the article. http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/ghostbusters-is-a-perfect-example-of-how-internet-ratings-are-broken/

    It's the old saying don't believe everything you read online. From movie ratings to anything that is online rated. Anyone can say anything hiding behind a computer. I can do it too.









    Heck, I just left a great review for a place I have never been in. Internet reviewing is that easy. Want to review a movie and haven't even seen it? No problem.

    I was hoping to have some straight up comic news to share, comment on, or what not but the San Diego Comic Con seems light on interesting straight up comic news. Which is part of the reason I am glad I have not gone. Though I will admit there is a part of me that would like to say I have went.

    This is big news? Announced at the San Diego Comic Con Marvel's cosplay variants return This Fall! The previous Marvel cosplay variants were not in demand here. They were actually duds. So needless to say more cosplay variants are not a big deal for us.

    Variants have been done so much for so long now it is going to take something truely new and unique to get people excited.  Like our Ed Benes exclusive Harley Quinn variant! Which goes on sale August 3rd!

    I am hoping to have a big month come August. Hoping to have a record breaking sales month for the month of August. Sent out a memo to the staff even saying we can do this. I have thrown down the gauntlet.  Let's do this!

    Join us on August 3rd for free cake, Aunt Lucia, and our totally cool cover!