• Projections 5/25/2016
    Rebirth 1 is here! A very good read with a lot of good artists. I would recommend reading Superman 52 and Justice League 50 before reading Rebirth though. I didn't though i still enjoyed the issue. And I did read Superman 52 and Justice League 50 afterwards. Just wish I had before reading Rebirth 1.
    The only bad thing about this issue? It has been said this will be Geoff Johns final comic for awhile. He is swamped with  his work load. Which as a comic fan and comic store owner does make me  sad. A Justice Society of America comic by Geoff Johns was something I was looking forward to and hoping for both as a comic book store owner and as a comic fan.
    Geoff Johns is suppose to be working more on the film end of the comic business now. Which everyone seems thrilled with. But I think people have forgotten that Geoff Johns was involved in the Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds from years ago.
    How much did I enjoy Rebirth 1? It is easily my favorite comic of 2016.
    Only thing that could have made Rebirth better for the store? If the limited edition variants of Rebirth had actually been shipped to us instead of just showing up on the invoice. I was joking with Aaron it's like Diamond can only short the store the comics that will make the store the most money.
    Other news that makes me sad. Marvel will be re numbering again this year after all.  And since they have done it so many times they are going to just call this years renumbering Marvel Now again. Marvel Now was first used back in 2012. After Civil War II the renumbering is suppose to start for Marvel. Marvel you used to be the House of Ideas. Two Secret Wars limited series  and now reusing Marvel Now? It just seems so lazy. So lacking of creativity. And truthfully I have no interest in yet another Thor 1st issue. Or another Avengers, X Men, Hulk, or what ever title has already seen three or more re launches in the last five years.
    Steve Rogers Captain America first issue wasn't bad but the last two page "shocker" I did think was jumping the shark by going to far. Steve Rogers is still going to be hero and the whole big secret revel seemed to make no sense.
    I guess I could have kept the Marvel Now sold here sticker in the window and it would be current again.
    Next week Civil War II issue 1 arrives. It will be interesting how well received it is.
    Next month the Civil War Heroclix event kicks off. Which right now looks to be a repeat of the Age of Ultron Heroclix Event in terms of excitement. Meaning people are saying another Avengers set when one just came out? Age of Ultron Heroclixs based on the movie were released and then there was the Age of Ultron Heroclix Heroclix Event based on the comic versions of the characters shortly afterwards.  Too soon.
    June 10th Eternal Masters arrives. Looking forward to the Monday after the set releases to see how many more booster boxes we can get to see if we can cover all our regular Magic gamers.
    June 11th is our next event! Rod Deals returns. 20 percent off almost everything in the store! Silent auctions. Freebies. And the most important part of course is the fun factor!
    Thanks to everyone who who made it to our midnight release for Rebirth 1. Not sure when we will do another midnight release. It was worth doing it is just I work the next day at my day jobso it makes for a long day. May has easily been the busiest month for me this year.
    We will be closed this Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day.
    Though this Saturday will be our private showing for X Men.
    As always thanks for your time and hope to see you at Rodman Comics!