• Projections 1/20/2021


    The next Magic the Gathering set, Kaldheim pre release will be on Jan 29th! We will be open at noon to sell this latest set. Booster boxes and pre release boxes will be available.

    With the vaccine still in the early stages of being made available to everyone our hours are now currently Saturdays 11am to 7 pm, Sundays closed. Mondays closed. Tuesdays 5:30 to 8, Wednesdays 11am to 8pm, Thursdays closed, with Fridays 5:30 to 8.  By summer we hope things are more like they were in 2019 and then to expand our hours again.

    We have rotated stock also. We have new comics on the back issue wall along with new graded comics. Heroclix singles we are rotating out. Magic cards we have new single cards in. This Friday we hope to have more exclusive comic variants that we have traded with another store for.

    These DC Comics are on sale on Tuesday, Jan 26th!

    Batman Black and White 2
    Batman the Adventures Continue 8
    Batman White Knight Harley Quinn 4
    Future State Aquaman 1
    Future State Batman Superman 1
    Future State Dark Detective 2
    Future State Legion of Superheroes 1
    Future State Suicide Squad 1
    Future State Superman vs Imperious Lex 
    Joker Harley Criminal Sanity 7
    Justice League Dark trade  vol 4
    Justice League International trade  vol 2
    Last God 12
    Other History of the DC Universe 2
    Strange Adventures 8
    Superman Kryptonite Nevermore hardcover
    Superman Man of Steel vol 2
    Titans Burning Rage trade
    Wonder Woman in the fifties trade 
    Diamond (the vendor that supplies comics to comic stores such as Marvel Comics) has these new comics available on Wednesday, Jan 27th.

    Amazing Spider-man 58
    Bettie Page 5
    Captain Marvel 25
    Conan the Barbarian 18
    Daredevil 26
    DC Super Pets Year Trade Coast City Carnival Chaos
    Deadpool 10
    DF Wonder Woman 750 Comicxposure Chew Exc
    Die! Namite 4
    Doctor Who Comics 3 reorder
    Dune House Atreides 4
    Excalibur 17
    Fantastic Four 28
    Firefly 25
    King in Black Namor 3
    King in Black Planet of Symbiotes 1 reorder
    Machine Girl & Space Invaders 3
    Marvel 4
    Mega Man Fully Charged 6
    Monstress 31
    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 94
    Myths & Legends Quarterly Gretel 2
    Nailbiter Returns 9
    New Mutants 15
    Power Rangers 2 reorder
    Red Sonja 23
    Rick and Morty Presents Death Stalkers 1
    Sacred Six 6
    Savage Avengers 17
    Shang-Chi 5
    Spawn 314
    Star Wars Adventures Clone Wars Battle Tales Graphic Novel
    Star Wars Adventures Smugglers Run 2
    Star Wars Bounty Hunters 9
    Star Wars Doctor Aphra trade vol 1
    Star Wars the Mandalorian Im all ears Doormat
    Star Wars the Mandalorian the Child Doormat
    Strange Academy 7
    Taarna 2
    Unkindness of Ravens 5
    Usagi Yojumbo Wanders Road 3
    Vampirella Dark Powers 2
    Vann Helsing Hellfire
    We Only Find Them When They're Dead 5
    Werewolf by Night 4
    Witcher Fading Memories 3
    Wolverine 9
    X Men 17
    X O Manowar 4
    Year Zero Vol 2 issue 3


    There are free bags and boards for each new comic purchased here!

    For questions feel free to call or email us at Rodmancomics@aol.com.

    Be safe and as always we hope to see you at Rodman Comics!


    JUSTICE LEAGUE vs SUICIDE SQUAD 1 Exclusive Rodman Comics variant Ed Benes colored and black and white

    Dark Knight III the Master Race Rodman Comics variant

    DC Comics Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive variant Rodman Comics Cover by Ed Benes

    Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive cover Guillem



    Suicide Squad 1 Rebirth Dale Keown Buy Me Toys Exclusive Variant