• Projections 4/24/2019

    A heck of a month so far. Lots of things going on. And of course I get the flu! This column to save time due to me having the flue has mostly been copied from last week.

    May 4th is getting closer! Free Comic Book Day/Star Wars Day/Rod Deals will be a big day. 20 percent off everything not already discounted. Auctions! Tons of fun. This year we will add even more for the day. Coupons will be given out on May 4th for a free Star Wars comic that may be redeemed on another day in May with any purchase. Good for while supplies last.

    The auctions on May 4th will be live from 11 to 7. All bids must be at least a dollar more than the previous bid. Everyone will have one week to pick up their winnings.

    This Friday Friday Night Magic at 7:15 for our final draft before the new set comes out we will change it up and draft from either the M19 or Rivals of Ixalan set.

    The next Magic the Gathering War of the Spark features 36 Planeswalker cards! The Pre release for this Magic set is on April 27th and 28th. We will have one at midnight, noon, and 8 pm. on Saturday the 27th. On Sunday April 28th we will have the final pre release at noon.

    May 3rd is the release for War of the Spark.

    Lots of great comics out today!

    Amazing Spider-man 20

    Avengers 18

    Batman Beyond 31

    Black Panther 11

    Bloodshot Rising Spirit 6

    Detective Comics 1002

    Doctor Strange 13

    Firefly 5

    Flash 69

    Justice League Dark 10

    Marvel Comics Presents 4

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 38

    Rick and Morty 49

    Runaways 20

    Spawn 296

    Star Wars Doctor Aphra 31

    Star Wars Vader Dark Visions 3

    Wonder Woman 69

    Back issue madness!

    Avenging Spider-man 9. Ms Marvel takes up the Captain Marvel name. Going for over $100 currently.

    Batman 608 the 2nd printing is clearing $100.

    Batman 635. First Jason Todd as Red Hood. Currently clearing $50.

    Batman Adventures 12. 1st Harley in a comic book. Ungraded it the comic currently goes for around $400. With Harley attached to be in the next Suicide Squad along with the Birds of Prey movie this comic should become even more in demand.

    DC Comics Presents 26. New Teen Titans. First Victor Stone, the Cyborg. Currently clearing a hundred dollars.

    Detective Comics 880. A near mint ungraded copy of this issue clears $200!

    Hawkeye as Ronin's first appearance is New Avengers 27. With Hawkeye taking up the Ronin costume in the upcoming Avengers movie the comic is popular currently. Currently going for roughly $15.00

    Invincible 1. Kirkman's own superhero comic. Currently going for roughly $300.

    John Byrne's Next Men 21. This is the first of Hellboy in color in print. Currently going ungraded for roughly $100. With Hellboy's movie coming out this weekend we will see if it spikes or drops.

    Special Edition 15 Marvel. The 1st appearance of martial artist Shang Chi from 1973. Word has it Shang Chi will be on the big screen in the future. Currently clearing $100. If and when Shang Chi hits the big screen a hundred might seem like a steal.

    The first appearance in a comic of Marvel's Major X looks to be Spider Man Deadpool 47. The regular cover is currently going for roughly ten dollars while the variants of the issue go for more.

    Silencer 15 is seeing some love and is going for around ten dollars.

    Thanos 13. The Cosmic Ghostrider's first appearance is clearing $100.

    Wonder Woman 72. Brian Bolland cover. A statue was made based on this cover. Currently clearing $30.

    As always I hope to see you at Rodman Comics!

    JUSTICE LEAGUE vs SUICIDE SQUAD 1 Exclusive Rodman Comics variant Ed Benes colored and black and white

    Dark Knight III the Master Race Rodman Comics variant

    DC Comics Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive variant Rodman Comics Cover by Ed Benes

    Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive cover Guillem

    Harley Quinn 1 Rebirth Exclusive Amanda Conner Black & White


    Suicide Squad 1 Rebirth Dale Keown Buy Me Toys Exclusive Variant