• Projections 9/28/2022

    Welcome back to our weekly newsletter, Projections. Read on to find out how to get gift bags!

    On Oct 1st we celebrate 12 years of Rodman Comics! Rod Deals is on! The first ten people in line will get free gift bags! We will also have free Rodman Comics T-Shirts for the first people to show up for Rod Deals while supplies last. Cake will be had!

    On our Facebook page a lot of our auctions are already up with new auctions showing every day up to on October 1st. People are already bidding! Want to bid early after seeing an auction of interest? Simply bid early by emailing us at rodmancomics@aol.com, post on Facebook the bid (though Facebook is not a 100 percent good at letting us know), or call us with a bid. All bids need to be at least a dollar more than the previous bid. The auctions end at 7 on October 1st. There will be silent and blind auctions going on. Blind auctions are when a person writes there name and contact info along with their bid amount and drops it in a box for the item. The bids are unknown until they are taken out of the box at 7 on October 1st. In the past some people have been confused on how a blind auction works. Such as why wasn’t they notified that they were not the high bidder. Because it is unknown who is the high bidder for blind auctions until the winner is announced when doing blind auctions. The majority of auctions will be silent auctions. We have the final say on the auctions. The auctions are for fun and have been quite popular for years now. For the 12th anniversary we have tried to incorporate various themes into the auctions. Such as Black Adam has a movie coming out in October so there will be Black Adam items for auctions. Halloween is in October so there will be a Halloween theme. Items with history with the store will be up for auction. It wouldn’t be a Rod Deal with out a Castle hardcover for auction. Marvel sent a ton of those years ago. For October 1st there will be cake. Looking forward to seeing everyone on October 1st. Trying to see if we can finally break our sales record! Been putting in a lot of work for our anniversary with that being the goal. Will we pull it off? We will find out the hard way. The best part is knowing that we have the best customers that we have ever had.

    Hope to see you on October 1st to celebrate with us!

    We are on Facebook and Twitter, feel free to check us out on those also.

    These DC Comics are on sale Tuesday, October 4th!

    Absolute Doomsday Clock Hardcover
    Batman 128
    Batman the Long Halloween the Deluxe Edition
    Batman Knightwatch 2
    Black Adam the Justice Society Dr Fate 1 Shot
    Dark Crisis the Deadly Green 1
    Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths 5
    Gotham City Year One 1
    I am Batman 13
    Joker the Man Who Stopped Laughing 1
    Jurassic League 5
    Mad Magazine 28
    Monkey Prince 7
    Multiversity Teen Justice 5
    Superman 1 Facsimile Edition
    Poison Ivy 4
    Sword of Azrael 3
    Task Force Z 12
    Young Justice Targets 3
    These new comics are available on Wednesday, October 5th!
    Amazing Spider-Man 1 Facsimile Edition


    Ant-Man 4
    Archies Halloween Spectacular 1
    AXE Starfox 1
    AXE X-Men 1
    Blade Runner Black Lotus 3
    Captain America Sentinel of Liberty 5
    Comicare Short Comic Box 
    Comicare Silver Age Boards
    Comicare Silver Age Bags
    D&D Ravenloft Orphan of Agony Isle 4
    Dark Ride 1
    Dead Lucky 3
    Edge of Spider-Verse 5
    Garbage Pail Kids Origins 1
    Golden Rage 3
    Grimm Universe Retailer Program 
    Gun Honey Blood for Blood 2
    Hellwitch vs Lady Death 1
    Hulk 9
    Jane Foster Might Thor 4 reorder
    Jane Foster Might Thor 5
    Junkyard Joe 1
    King Spawn 15
    Magic the Gathering 19
    Marauders 7
    Mind MGMT Bootleg 4
    Miracleman 0
    My Hero Academia GN Vol 32
    New Fantastic Four 5
    Night of the Ghoul 1
    Nyx 10
    Samurai Sonja 4
    Savage Avengers 6
    Sirens Gate 1 
    Spider-Man 1
    Star Trek Picard Stargazer 2
    Star Wars Mandalorian 4
    Sweetie Candy Vigilante 1
    Tales of Terror Quarterly Rise of Cthulhu 
    TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures 1
    Trailer Park Boys in the Gutters 1 reorder
    Transformer Best of Arcee Oneshot 1
    Unbreakable Red Sonja 1
    Undiscovered Country 21
    Walking Dead Deluxe 48
    X-Men Red 7



    Free bags and board with every new comic purchase!

    For questions feel free to call or email us at Rodmancomics@aol.com.

    Be safe and as always we hope to see you at Rodman Comics!


    JUSTICE LEAGUE vs SUICIDE SQUAD 1 Exclusive Rodman Comics variant Ed Benes colored and black and white

    Dark Knight III the Master Race Rodman Comics variant

    DC Comics Harley Quinn 1 Exclusive variant Rodman Comics Cover by Ed Benes


    Suicide Squad 1 Rebirth Dale Keown Buy Me Toys Exclusive Variant