• Projections 9/21/2016

    Time for a public service announcement. As everyone knows on Tuesday, November 8th the election is on. Polk County (and I am sure other counties) are looking for workers on that day. If you live or know someone with in Polk County that would like to work that day call 515-286-2091. Tell them Rodman Comics sent you.

    Did you read Detective Comics 620? If not make sure you do.

    October 1st is so close! The six year anniversary of the store! Cake, freebies, the boxes. silent auctions, and of course fun!

    Lined up for auctions are a wide range of products. From comics to statues. As of now we have  small items such as Star Wars Cuff links to big items such as a Green Lantern Power Battery.

    We will celebrate on October 1st our anniversary of 6 years

    Not able to make it to the store? Check out your rare comics that you can order through our online marketplace.

    It has been announced that Fox is going to do an action adventure film based on a fictionalized version of Stan "the Man" Lee. The Marvel Legend himself as an action hero.

    The producers will be Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrek who are currently the produces behind the upcoming Power Rangers movie.

    I am shocked. A Stan Lee action movie. Never would have thought that would be a possibility in a million years.

    And just to make for a little bit of a kick in the teeth Diamond Comics just let me know that there was a mistake in the freight charge for Free Comic Book Day and I owe over hundred dollars for it. Free Comic Book Day was back in May and they just "caught" this?  That is great what other "mistakes" will I find out months from now?

    I just bought comics for Batman Day to give out. Look at all the new readers of Batman thanks to giving away free comics. Don't see any? Because there isn't any. DC reprinted Batman 1 from the current ongoing series and slapped a Batman 1 Rebirth cover slightly colored differently on it and said buy these to give away for Batman Day.

    Usually I get caught up in the Free Comic Book Day because "everyone" else does it.  Which isn't really a good reason to do something. And as I have mentioned in previous Projections Free Comic Book Day doesn't get people into comics. Marvel's Secret Wars 0 in 2015 did get some people to pick Secret Wars. Not nearly even close enough to cover the missed freight charge I just received. Marvel's Civil War II free comic might have helped the first issue but Civil War II itself for a Marvel event crossover is limping along sales wise now.

    2016's Free Comic Book Day offerings of comics were one of the weakest over all in the years we have been open.  This freight charge is serving as a wake up call to me. As in what good does Free Comic Book Day serve? Rod Deals does more to get people into comics than us having Free Comic Book Day.

    Right now I am thinking of ordering the bare amount needed to be a part of Free Comic Day. Only so we are on the Free Comic Book Day finder. Which even then I am not sure if it is worth it. There is this thing called Google.   If we have a comic professional in the store that can be done at any time. Rod Deals can be done on the same day.

    So right now leaning to do next year's Free Comic Book Day differently. Have Rod Deals on the same day might be good for everyone. It of course will help to know what is being offered for next year's Free Comic Day. DC, Image, and the other publishers will need to have comics that are not just reprints of already released comics but something that will be of interest to people.

    To be clear it isn't just this "billing error on freight" for Free Comic Book Day that has me wondering why we do Free Comic Book Day. If Free Comic Book Day was less than a few hundred dollar that might be an acceptable lose. Yeah, I say loss since when you tell people free that is exactly how people handle the day. Just like free gaming. Come hang out for free is the typical mindset. At least with a sale the typical mindset is to buy.

    Rod Deals does more for us to get people into comics than Free Comic Day. A person who won the Flash auction is now picking up the ongoing series of the Flash. People won various comic auctions for their kids to get them into comics.  The various gaming material we have for auction gets people into new games. We had and will have multiple comic series for auction that people can use as a gateway into something that they are interested in. After winning the auction they read the issues and decide if they want to pick up the ongoing comic. Again the mindset is there to buy. They bought it. Didn't just show up to get things for free.

    Rod Deals is a lot more profitable. It has more excitement for everyone involved.

    I have been asked a few times are we doing anything for Halloween this year? And my answer is yes. Saturday October 29th at 8 am we will have a costume contest! Spooky fun!

    Did receive a shipment that we can use for auctions for Rod Deals. That Harley Quinn motorcycle statue that I said would most likely be auctioned at a hundred dollars less than retail? Let us start that at 99 cents.  Let this Rod Deals be one for the record books! The most fun possible!

    As always we hope to see you at Rodman Comics!