• Projections 7/26/2017

    Wow, lots of comic related news from the San Diego Comic Con this year. I kept track of what was going on there thanks to bleedingcool. Yes, I write weekly for them and do read their website.

    I was shocked. Writer Grant Morrison is returning to DC. He will write a follow up to his Wonder Woman Earth One. The biggest surprise to me is that he is doing an Arkham Asylum 2. Though this time the artist will be Chris Burnham and the story will feature an adult Damian Wayne from the Batman 666 story.

    Geoff Johns talked up his upcoming Doomsday Clock with artist Gary Frank. I am really looking forward to it.

    Was surprised to read his quote of  “There are no bad characters, only bad writers and bad stories.”  I do feel that often times writers get away with writing poor stories. Sometimes after reading a comic I wonder why the editor didn't speak up to help the story.

    Dan Didio surprised me with what he said. He made it clear to the audience that there will be no variants for the Dark Matter books and that every book will hold the $2.99 price point. He said the price change to $3.99 actually cost the company money and resulted in fewer people buying the books.

    I found that interesting. The books that increased to $3.99 were generally ones losing readership already. I have not heard of anyone who dropped a book because of a price increase to $3.99. Batman Beyond is still selling the same amount for us as it was when it was $2.99.

    That said I have had plenty of people not buy a book because it was $4.99.  From what I have seen and heard of our customer base $3.99 is the limit.

    A DC Flashpoint movie was announced. Could the Flash that tried to talk to Batman in the Batcave in Batman vs Superman be tied into the upcoming movie?

    Legion show runner Noah Hawley,  announced he is working on Doctor Doom, the movie. I didn't expect that. Would be great to see an actual cool Doctor Doom on the big screen.

    In another move I never seen coming, if Marvel won't publish a Fantastic Four comic then DC will.  It will be called The Terrifics, written by Jeff Lemire with art by Ivan Reis. These four will make up the membership: Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Phantom Girl, and Plastic Man.

    To quote Newsarama, "That's right: a scientist, a stretching man, a brute with physical disfiguation, and a woman who can become intangible."

    Also from Newsrama's article, "Lemire said that his goal with The Terrifics is to recapture the feeling of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four."

    This Saturday the battle for the Dormammu Colossal heroclix is on. Two booster draft from any set you would like. Who will win?

    The Magic League started again last Sunday. Great group. Very fun group.

    Great news! DC is going to do mainstream advertising. They will air ads on AMC, TNT, TBS, Adult Swim, and El Rey. I am shocked. Instead of advertising their whole line they are only going to advertise one of their books. A collection of one of their titles. That collection? The Dark Knight III, the Master Race. Sigh. Twenty months to come out with nine issues. Originally it was an eight issue limited series but DC added an issue. Out of all the comics DC publishes why this one?  It started strong but quickly lost steam. At least DC didn't decide to advertise Dark Knight II, the Dark Knight Strikes again. That was really a series that failed to catch on with readership.

    Already working on the September 30th for the return of Rod Deals along with anniversary of the store. October 1st is the true anniversary of the store, though it falls on a Sunday so we will celebrate a day before on a Saturday. This year will mark seven years of Rodman Comics. The lease has already been renewed, so god willing we will be here for years more.

    As always hope to see you at Rodman Comics!



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